Real life experiences in the words of our foster families.

"Being a parent, a mother, is the most wonderful opportunity that can be offered to one. Using the time that a child is in your home to teach and nurture, showing them that through the toughest times, life happens to all of us.  Sorrow and loss are as much a part of the human experience as are joy and gladness, and we as parents sign on for the risks, the vulnerabilities and all of the unknowns that a broken world can bring.  Being able to replace the sadness on a child's face with a smile, maybe the first one in a long time, giving them love and guidance, and the discipline that is needed, but in the correct way.  Giving spiritual direction, teaching these children to walk and depend on Christ and to continue to walk not knowing where He will take them, but agreeing to follow anyway.  I, as a parent, do not know where this road will take me, but I am a mother, A Mother For Life."

-- D.S., Culpeper, VA

“It’s all about love and acceptance, nurturing, and boundaries, caring enough to hang in there... it’s about FAMILY - a sense of belonging, laughter, hope and truth. We cherish and appreciate every child and always look forward to welcoming new ones into our home. The reward comes when past suffering fades and the child begins to blossom into a new life with a brighter future.”

-- P. and J.O., Jeffersonton, VA

“We have grown through foster parenting. Through our experience, we have enjoyed watching each child grow, play, and experience life in a loving setting. Just to see what a little love, nurturing, and acceptance can do for a child, the rewards are endless. We couldn’t imagine it any other way. Being a foster parent has sacrifices, but the rewards we get back are tremendous. For us, there is no greater joy, than being able to put a smile on a child’s face where once there were tears.”

-- R. & A. T., Manassas, VA

“Foster care in its undertaking is a mission field to reach out and touch the soul of a child. When I met each of my three foster boys, I was confronting them at the crossroads of their lives. They knew how to define hurt, pain, and disappointment with precise meaning. I was able to share those devastating setbacks with them and come up with a game plan based upon devoted time and unconditional love. I relish the fact that, as a foster parent, I could be that light in the unpredicted world of a child of God. Children’s Services of Virginia has given me the privilege of putting into motion the wheels of opportunity to help develop personal worth and dignity in the lives of foster children.”

-- R. O., Winchester, VA

“Being a foster parent is gratifying when you can see the change in a child's life that you may have played a small part in-and the trust that you gain by showing them that you love and care for them and that you will not desert them no matter what. The joy of being a foster parent is when you hear a child call you mom or dad for the first time. Or when a smile comes to your face when you see a child light up like a Christmas tree because he got that special gift he wanted so badly. There are also times when you feel that you just can’t do it anymore, when your child is disrespectful or disobedient, and your friends and family are asking why do you continue being a foster parent. That’s the time when you can say ’Because we love them!‘ - and that will never end.”

-- E. & R. E., Winchester, VA